Session I: Samuel Feinstein

Intermediate Finishing: Tooling with Egg Glaire   June 4-8


Egg glaire: It’s challenging, but the results are absolutely gorgeous. This
workshop will explore multiple methods of finishing with egg glaire,
a technique which gives you the cleanest, brightest impressions. Once
you understand how it works, tooling with egg glaire is very approachable
and can be used effectively in both traditional and modern binding
designs. While the focus of the workshop will be specifically on
gold tooling, applications that build upon blind impressions will also
be covered. Participants will work on several pre-made plaquettes in
both goatskin and calf. This course is also a very rare opportunity to
use finishing tools from the collection of the renowned bookbinder
Florence Walter. The tools are part of the holdings of the Mills College
Book Art Program and includes over 500 individual tools. Anticipating
the variety of skill levels this course might attract, there will be a lot of
one-on-one instruction to address each student’s individual experience
and project needs.

Samuel Feinstein is a private practice bookbinder specializing in fine bindings,
gold finishing, rounded spine clamshell boxes, and new bindings in
period style. He trained at the North Bennet Street School in Boston under
Jeff Altepeter and Martha Kearsley, graduating in 2012. He lives and works
in Chicago, and his work can be seen at www.samuelfeinsteinbookbinding.

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