Session II: Barb Tetenbaum

Animation + Letterpress  June 10-14, 2019

In this letterpress-focused workshop, we will create short animations (5 seconds to 2 minutes in length) using a variety of traditional and experimental techniques: printing from metal type, wood type and ornaments, creating tonal images using pressure printing and creating quick line images from bendable wire. Participants will learn the principles of animation as they begin testing each of these techniques. The resulting prints can be used to create paper ‘toys’ such as flip books and thaumotropes or, using a smart phone or tablet, create animated GIFs that can be uploaded to a website or posted on social media. By the end of the week, we will have a special viewing of the objects and films created.

French Film Trio

Barb Tetenbaum has been experimenting with artistic applications of letterpress printing since 1979. The work she has created through Triangular Press is evidence of this continued investigation. Together with Marilyn Zornado, she created two letterpress-printed animations—Old-Time Film and French Film— and organized four international showcases of handprinted animations. Barb is Dept. Head of Book + Print at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon.

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