Session II: Dorothy Yule

Inventor’s Lab for Book Artists: Hybrid Accordions and Movable Book Structures  June 11-15


This workshop will explore folded structures that bring the dimension
of kinetic movement to books. We will start with some models
to explore basic structures in pop-up engineering and examine both
artist books and trade pop-ups to see how movable forms can be used
in books. We will make a series of models to explore variations on
some of the forms developed by Hedi Kyle: a Wunderkabinett, a flag
book made on a Miura fold, a rhythmic series of swiveling ovals on a
shaped accordion. We will also look at folded forms that are built on a
base of single-sheet books including boustrophedons with tipped-in
pop-ups and a single-sheet tunnel book. Participants will leave with
an impressive library of reference models useful in developing further
experiments in engineering for books, including variations they
develop during the workshop.

Dorothy A. Yule first started making books in grade school and earned a
Masters degree in Book Arts from Mills College in 1989. Most of her books
are written in rhyming verse and she often incorporates pop-up and movable
structures in her work. Her work has been collected and exhibited nationally
and abroad, and has won several awards, including a Hedi Kyle Award
in the “Hello Hedi” show at 23 Sandy Gallery in 2015 and the inaugural
Meggendorfer Prize for Artist Books from the Movable Book Society in 2014.

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