Session II: Suzanne Moore

Elucidare, Lettering as Image & Complementary Textural Writing
June 10-14, 2019

Elucidare is a Greek word meaning “completely bright and clear; from lucere— to shine”. How does the interplay of writing and painting make the message of the text shine? When do letters dance, and word and image create the perfect balance in a 2D piece or on the pages of a book? The transformation of ideas into material form is the universal challenge to visual artists. The creation of illustrative lettering— abstract or legible— and complementary lettering of text is the unique question lettering artists face. Working with a text in one of these themes: the natural world, creativity / creative process, or philosophy / spirituality, we will begin by experimenting with various tools, familiar and unusual, in black on white papers. Responding to the content of a chosen text, painting will enhance the design, and textural writing will complete the pages for framed work or a future book.

Mystery Folio.full
Mystery Folio

Suzanne Moore is a printmaker, painter and lettering artist whose eclectic interests fuse in the diversity of her artist’s books. Raised in post-Sputnik middle-America, her aptitudes in math and science channeled her into those areas at an early age. Abstraction and the melding and weaving of letters as image has been a central visual theme of her books for some time, with hand lettering supplying the verbal content much as type might be used in an edition book.

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